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The EdTech Bites Podcast

Nov 17, 2020

In this episode, I chat with Mandy Froehlich to discuss how educators can reignite the fire within them in order to ______. Being that she juggles quite a bit with her personal and professional career, she also shares some tools to help her tackle everything she needs to in order to maintain balance. And if that isn't enough, she also shares a delicious recipe that you won't want to miss out on. So give this episode a listen and as always, Buen provecho!

About Mandy

Mandy Froehlich passionately encourages educators to create innovative change in their classrooms. A former Director of Innovation and Technology, technology integrator, and teacher, she has experience at many levels of the organizational structure. Her interest lies in reinvigorating and re-engaging teachers back into their profession, as well as what’s needed to support teachers in their pursuit of innovative and divergent thinking and teaching. Her books are The Fire Within: Lessons from defeat that have ignited a passion for learning, Divergent EDU: Challenging assumptions and limitations to create a culture of innovation, Reignite the Flames: Finding our passion and purpose for learning among the embers, and The Educator's Matchbook: A weekly guidebook for educators to build resilience and fight burnout.

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