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The EdTech Bites Podcast

Jul 5, 2018

In this special episode of EdTech Bites, I sit down with Stella Pollard to discuss #NotAtISTE18, the 1 year anniversary of the podcast, as well as some Kentucky eats. Stella is a 7th grade math and science teacher in Kentucky , she is an avid listener and promoter of the podcast, and is the first to write a review of EdTech Bites on iTunes/Apple Podcast. We dive into some of the hot topics at ISTE18. We discuss presentations, panels, as well as the expo floor. She also schools us on what is going on with the Kentucky education system. In addition to this, we also talk about Kentucky eats. The good folks over at Nearpod have a nugget for the EdTech Bites listeners. If you would like 3 months of the Nearpod Gold experience, simply go to and use the promo code: NP-Gabriel to unlock the premium features you need in your edtech toolbox. Thank you, Nearpod! Please subscribe to the podcast, tell a friend about it, and leave a review. Check out Stella's website and follow her on Twitter. Buen Provecho!