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The EdTech Bites Podcast

Aug 21, 2023

In this episode, I chat shifting ed with Katie Novak and Kris Astle. They are co-hosts of The EdShift Podcast and are always down for some educational conversation. This particular episode was recorded live at ISTE in Philadelphia. It was actually recorded at the Lumio booth with their own equipment! This is a great conversation that touches on brain research, how The EdShift Podcast came to be, and how Lumio can be used without a SMART Board! Check out the great conversation and also check Lumio out for yourself! Buen provecho!


Connect With Gabriel Carrillo

About Katie Novak

Katie Novak is a global strategist, writer, and speaker focused on elements that connect us at our core, like identity and our sense of self. She is passionate about education and the impact of connecting students to their learning in authentic ways and bringing the science of learning and play into classrooms. She brings her experience in museum and outdoor education, advocacy, and community building to the EdTech space. 

Connect With Katie

About Kris Astle

Kris Astle is an experienced educator with a passion for elevating student voice. She has a global understanding of trends, research-based best practices, educational needs, and the facilitation of change in the education landscape. Kris started her career in the classroom, teaching first in Switzerland and then in the US. She has launched both IB and ESL programs in schools she has worked in. She is passionate about meeting both students and teachers where they are and helping them use technology to follow their passions.

Connect With Lumio and EdShift