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The EdTech Bites Podcast

Feb 24, 2023

In this episode, I chat with school librarian Zinnia Bayardo who is using Genially to create interactive and engaging content for her students. She shares how she discovered Genially and the different ways she's been able to incorporate it into her library lessons and activities. We learn about the features of Genially that make it such a valuable tool for educators, including its ease of use, ability to create multimedia content, and the wide range of templates available. We also discuss how using Genially has helped to increase student engagement, especially for students who may struggle with traditional text-based learning. Whether you're a teacher or a librarian looking to incorporate new technology into your classroom or library, this episode is sure to provide some valuable insights and inspiration. Buen provecho!

About Zinnia Bayardo

Zinnia has been an elementary, middle, and high school librarian as well as a 4th and 1st grade teacher. Now she is in the role of a library instructional support specialist helping and supporting all district librarians. 

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Connect With Zinnia Bayardo