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The EdTech Bites Podcast

Nov 19, 2022

In this episode, I chat with Scott Nunes while at TCCA. We chat his educational journey and how it took him to the world of Canva and Texas! This is episode 10 of 11 that was recorded at TCCA. Each episode will be released daily for 11 days so make sure you’re subscribed to the podcast to hear all about TCCA. Buen Provecho!

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About Scott Nunes

Scott Nunes is an energetic ELA Teacher turned Edtech Coach now Consultant, Podcaster, and Influencer.  Scott builds on his 20+ years as a freelance Graphic Designer to bring real world relevance to classrooms around the world. When he isn’t busy podcasting (Education Today) he can be found sharing on Twitter (@MrNunesTeach). Scott is all about building relationships and uplifting teacher and student voices while advocating for belonging, choice, and creating positive work cultures that empower stakeholders to achieve a unifying vision.


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